Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Designer Speak: Rubel Dhuna

While some are eagerly waiting for HBO to air the next season of Game of Thrones, few others prefer to read the story word by word and allow their imagination to explore the playground. We’ve being posting video testimonies for quite some time now, and we thought why let the classic format of interview die in the pursuit of technological dependence. Hence, here we are with a segment of testimonial interviews in the glorious Q and A format with some renowned interior designers and architects.

To begin with, we have Rubel Dhuna, the founder and chief architect of RDa (Rubel Dhuna Architects). Based in Mumbai, Dhuna is a LEED Accredited Professional from the USA. She has previously worked for Design Development Group (DDG) in Baltimore (USA), projects in Turkey, urban planning of Lavassa and construction of 2 award-wining projects in India.

BFT:  Kindly tell our readers about yourself and your work.
RD: I’m Rubel Dhuna, the founder and principal architect at RDa (Rubel Dhuna architects). Since its inception, the studio has worked on a gamut of projects in architectural and interior spaces, ranging from luxury residences, retail spaces to industrial and bespoke office interiors. My philosophy is to create memorable experiences through insightful design. Experimenting with materials and patterns is a significant part of my design process, and I constantly seek ways to embrace natural light and craft elegant and timeless spaces through simple details.

BFT: How would you quote something for Creative Work Spaces?
RD: A work space is a true reflection of a company’s spirit and culture.  Regardless of which profession you belong to, a work space can be designed as inspiring and inviting.  It is essential to blur the lines between work and life by designing a healthy and comfortable work environment. Flexible layouts, maximizing natural light and plantations will never go out of style.

BFT:  What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
RD: The Lawyers Chamber and the Jamsandekar’s chamber, both in Fort, and the Examiner Press Building on the Dalal Street.

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
RD: People instantly fall in love with the patterns and colours.     

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
1. Outside coming in is always a welcome trend.
2. Celebrating older trends by mixing retro styling with plenty of textures, patterns and vintage pieces.
3. Open office plans are here to stay, allowing greater interaction between co-workers and easy exchange of ideas. Having said that, there is a resurgence of privacy and acoustics in the workplace.

BFT: How should be smaller offices with less space designed?
RD: An Office is not merely a workspace; it is where you spend most of your waking time. It is basically where life happens. Flexibility is the key. The ability to transform a space with minimal intervention can make it multifunctional and fun. To be able to experience the entire volume available rather than being restricted to smaller claustrophobic spaces is highly preferred.

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
RD: We have used Bharat Floorings for many of our projects – residential and commercial spaces. The fact that they are versatile and have a wide range of designs makes it a ‘flooring haven’ for designers.

BFT: Your personal favourite collection of tiles from BFT.
RD: The LeMill Collection and the Origametes. Also, the amazing pastels colours available in the terrazzo floors are an all time favourite.

BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..

The above conversation is from an interview during a past event on Creative Work Spaces. More interviews coming soon.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Splashy Affair

Monsoon is fast approaching and soon the city will be all drenched, for some with the splashes of joy while for others with the mean drool of nature. Either ways, it’s all going to be wet and slippery all over again. Some people pull out their least favourite clothes to wear, with their raincoats or umbrellas, out of the closet. Some people simply choose to enjoy the drops running down their skins. As everyone gears up to battle the rains, Bharat Floorings too uncovers the non-slippery outdoor range of tiles.

In the early nineteenth century, Bharat Floorings introduced Stilan®, a range of non-slip heavy duty tiles. Believed to be made using ingredients next to diamonds in hardness, these tiles have an incredible and unmatched history. The Stilan® tiles have been used across many Central Railway and Western Railway platforms. India’s busiest railway station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or commonly abbreviated as CST, has them installed where lakhs of commuters walk every day. Existing there for over fifteen years now, it provides a silent testimony of their unmatched strength and beauty. Most of Mumbai’s textile mills that existed before Phoenix Mills arrived used the Stilan® tiles for their shop floors. Soon the factories, warehouses and compounds of Hindustan Lever, TELCO, Jindal, Raymonds, and many others were floored with Stilan® tiles. They are also used by some of the most prestigious and elegant buildings across India including the historic Flora Fountain in south Mumbai. For a more contemporary example, the Stilan® tiles have also been installed at the platforms of the Mumbai Metro stations.

With monsoon just around the corner, durability and grip is one major concern amongst people. Be it a place of commercial, private or public commute; some tragic and otherwise funny accidents often happen while the floor is wet and slippery. Bharat Floorings to the rescue! Often seen in parking lots, around swimming pools and other areas with chances of water spillage, the Stilan® tiles are ideal; or rather perfect, in order to prevent such incidents. So watch your step! 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bored Rooms are for Suits!

Saturday, May 20, 2017 had an evening worth remembering. Bharat Floorings and Tiles organised an event with renowned architects and interior designers at Rise Mumbai. The said location was carefully selected based on the theme of the evening - Creative Work Spaces.

Rise Mumbai is a co-working space designed in a very creative and cheerful fashion. For any given Creative Work Space, the place itself needs to have elements that inspire creativity. Rise Mumbai brings that out perfectly. It makes you believe in ideas and motivates you to think out of the box. Every corner, every edge of this place is colourful and cheerful. It lifts up the mood. A positive mind has endless possibilities. Rise Mumbai brings out the positive in you.

The event comprised of a panel discussion with the likes of Ruben Dhuna of Rda architects, Richa Bahl, Shilpa Balvally and Sameer Balvally of Studio Osmosis, Tejal Mathur and Zameer Basrai of The Busride Design Studio. All have collaborated with Bharat Floorings on multiple occasions in the past. A very filtered list of guests who belong to the interior designing circuit was invited to be a part of the evening. The crux of the panel discussion was to share ideas and opinions that positively attribute to interior designing and architecture when it comes to work spaces.

The evening started with a formal introduction to Bharat Floorings as a brand by Firdaus Variava, the vice-chairman, who also hosted the occasion. One after another the panel members were invited on stage to present their works and share their ideas and opinions within the context of designing offices and work spaces. Soon the air of formal conversations cleared and made way for lighter and more casual talks. What followed next was an interactive session between the panel members and the guests on tips and trends that work for office spaces.

The evening concluded over dinner and drinks, not to forget Casablanca Rose Spumante, a sparkling wine provided by Good Earth Winery. It was an enriching experience for not only the guests but also for the panel members and the BFT team to explore different perspectives under one roof.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Walls of Fame

Floors often capture our attention, but so do the walls. If that wasn’t true people would not spend handsome amounts on decorating their home or office walls. Some purchase works of art and frame them on the verticals while others make use of expensive props. Some people get their walls artistically painted while others settle for wallpapers. Call it an interior designing trend or a matter of personal choice, but every other person wants the walls around him to carry some aesthetic appeal. Catering to this faddish necessity is Bharat Floorings and Tiles with a variety of classic and modern options.

Bharat Floorings, known for some of the most beautiful flooring designs, produces wall tiles that are in tune with the former. Use the exact same design to create a continuous pattern or shuffle between multiple designs to create a sense of divergence; everything works with the right designs and colours. Wall tiles can be found in kitchens and bathrooms of houses, offices, restaurants and other personal and commercial places. A variety of designs from the Heritage™ collection of tiles are quite popular among interior designers and non-professional decorators alike. Creating a checkerboard pattern with different colours of Heritage™ tiles, and the Inverlochy™ pattern have always been the hot favourites.

It’s human nature to seek something that makes us stand out from the ten others doing the same thing. When wall tiles start to get too mainstream within your circle, Bharat Floorings and Tiles offers you a neat collection of wall claddings to choose from. Claddings are almost always intended to be stylistic rather than functional and are usually designed to help accent a particular feature or room. Though they can conceivably cover every surface in a house or building, it’s more common to find wall claddings in just one or two key areas. Decorative panels, wood panelling, and decorative stone and brick have always been in demand. Coelo, Circle of Life, Hills and Valley, Hexar, Turkish delight, and Carven are some of the available patterns with Bharat Floorings with the Hexagonal claddings being the latest addition.

Get your walls a decorative upgrade with Bharat Floorings and tiles. Customise on your own or check out options at Wall Tiles and Wall Cladding.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Le Mill - Beautifully Yours!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This phrase was used by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford when she included it in her book 'Molly Bawn' in 1878. But have you ever though that the source of this beauty could be the passion and creativity that the artist has expended in the process of achieving what we term as art. The more dedicated you are to something, the more beautiful is the outcome. Art can be surreal and bold or it can be simple and elegant. At Bharat Floorings we believe in the latter.

Le Mill is a co-branded collection designed by Aurélie De Cort. It is one of the designer collaboration ranges from our BFT+ Collection alongside ARMS by Sameer Kulavoor, the Japanese Line by Sian Pascale, Origametes by The Busride, AVB Bespoke by Alice von Baum, The Shibori Tiles by Studio Wodehouse and the newly introduced DashDashDot by Tania and  Sandeep Khosla. Like our other guest designers, Aurélie De Cort has a reputation to her name itself. A visual genius and trained artist, Aurélie has spent the last 10 years designing the much talked about window displays of Hermès stores in France and internationally. Aurélie has helped design iconic collections for Indian brands after having moved to India in 2008. Le Mill is one such passion project.

The Le Mill tiles have been inspired by the alleyways and public spaces of Aurelie's home country of Belgium. The tiles strike a balance between European aesthetics and modern Indian sensibilities, thus, maintaining a harmony with international trends. Offering three different variations, the Arlecchino Design, the Bayadere Design and the Piazza Design, a colourful decorative Le Mill-tiled floor has an appeal unmatched by any other kind of flooring. The beauty of a Le Mill-tiled floor lies in the creative use of these geometric shapes and colours to create a patterned floor from different combinations of tiles. The Le Mill tiles form patterns that are customisable to a great extent and add to the beauty and charm of the floor in residential as well as commercial space. Different arrangements and choice of colours for the Le Mill tiles can provide the floor a heritage look, an art deco look, a modern look or anything in between (or beyond), depending on your sense of aesthetics, taste and style.

So the next time you decide to customise your home, don’t forget how important the floor is. People might not appreciate it but the floor always gets noticed. And if it gets noticed then why not get it appreciated? After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bura na mano, Heritage™ hai!

India is a land of rituals, traditions and festivals. Festivals, specially, are celebrated on a remarkable scale here. The extravaganza during Diwali, the burning down of Ravan during Dushera as a metaphor for rising against evil, the midnight mass followed by a massive feast during Christmas, and more. One such notable festival is Holi. Holi is observed to celebrate the victory of good over evil by lighting and paying respects to a bonfire on the previous night and is followed by a game of splashing water and throwing colours on each other in a sporting manner to strengthen the bond within communities. Holi is, thus, famously referred as the festival of colours. Now that Holi is just around the corner, we decided to celebrate colours in our own humble way.

The cheery medley of Heritage™ tiles is a combination of various patterns from the collection placed randomly alongside each other. As one might imagine a chaotic design taking shape, it actually allures you with an enigmatic charm. The random patterns with random colours have become one of the trademark flooring options by Bharat Floorings over time.

The cheery medley of Heritage™ tiles is a combination of various patterns from the Bloom, Cubist, Geometrique, Graphic, Heirloom and Grande collections, used all together or in certain selections. 

The combination of Heritage™ tiles has been installed at numerous places in some of the major cities across the country. A contemporary style of flooring, the combination of Heritage™ tiles can be found in restaurants like Colaba Social, Chai Nashta and the Bar Stock Exchange, Pizza Metro Pizza, TMC – The Music Café, Nehru Social and Soda Bottle Openerwala amongst others. Design houses like the Idea Spice Design Studio have the cheery medley of Heritage™ tiles to provoke creativity. Not only this, but the random pattern has also grown popular amongst designers who recommend them for residential spaces too.

So even if your chances of stumbling upon these beautiful floors during Holi are many, celebrate colours and combinations with us anytime of the year with our collection of Heritage™ tiles.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Over a Table of Coffee

Conversations happen over cups of coffee. We all know that. How about over a table of coffee? Imagine having a conversation not only over a table of coffee, but about the table itself. Sounds uncanny? Imagine a table top that’s not just an ordinary slab of utility but a piece of art - a piece of art which is a result of unconventional thinking and rigorous efforts. Imagine it to be an outcome of intelligence combined with art, of a vision that’s contemporary yet timeless. Now, imagine having a conversation about a table; such a table.

Yes, that’s what happened when we unveiled our first table top at the ID Satellite, Mumbai in the November of 2016. Bharat Floorings has been known to create artistic cement products, but this was special. In collaboration with Red Blue and Yellow, we designed the Space and Time themed table tops which were inspired by the magnificent and mysterious nature of space and unchallenged authority of time over the universe. Built in two sizes, the table tops were not only built in concrete using colours resembling space and time but also comprised of optic fibres that would emit lights to lend an astonishing effect to any interior space. These elegant table tops were displayed at Red Blue and Yellow itself for the public eye during the ID Satellite Design Trail. The table tops garnered appreciation and applaud from art enthusiasts, interior designers, décor consultants and lifestyle bloggers at the event and even after that.

Following the popularity and much cherished enthusiasm associated with the first limited edition table tops, we decided to design a newer one. This time it had to be completely different that the previous theme, since the previous one was strictly not to be replicated. Without much hesitation, our team narrowed down upon the idea of having the classic terrazzo look for the table top. Why just the look, why not a table top made of actual terrazzo? Bharat Floorings and Tiles answered this question with the latest version of table tops – The Terrazzo Table! As one would guess, a white cement terrazzo table top was conceived with Red Aventurine & Red Jasper stone chips and our signature Pink, Red & Verona Red chips, anchored upon powder coated MS (Mild Steel) table stand with a Matte Black finish. What more if you may ask, the Terrazzo Table was unveiled at the India Design ID 2017, thus, making the idea develop an unsaid tradition.

Well, when the next time you pick up a coffee table book alongside a warm, fresh brew, and think of what is missing, look down to your table.