Tuesday, 10 October 2017

And it continues...The Made in India II series

India! The land of diverse cultures and beautiful natural landscapes! Our country has a rich heritage and, a vast and varied culture that makes every Indian proud to belong to this glorious nation. Each state in India is a unique repository of its own arts & crafts, food, architecture and history. The heritage and culture of each individual state when fused together form an iridescent amalgamation that is beautiful in the truest sense of the word. As a brand that’s inherently Indian, we are proud to have contributed towards the revival of our country’s rich culture through the introduction of the magnificent Made in India range.

Once again, we travel back to our roots with a collection that celebrates our country’s rich diversity, cultures, heritage and art - creating the Made in India II series in association with design studio - Idea Spice. The following are the states that we explore in this extended series - Goa, Punjab, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh. After a lot of research that went into identifying the forte and the unique social and cultural characteristics of each state, the same was entwined into tile designs to stand for what India truly represents – UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

The first state, Goa is in western India with coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. Goa is also known for its iconic beaches, ranging from the most popular stretches at Baga and Palolem to those of laid-back fishing villages such as Agonda. The Wave pattern from the Made in India II collection is inspired by the waves, sand and relaxation offered by the country’s ultimate holiday destination!

The second state that we pay tribute to is Punjab - the vibrant state is filled with bountiful culture, heritage, festivals and vibrant landscapes. The Phulkari pattern from the Made in India II collection was inspired by the colourful phulkari dupatta, the most well-known embroidery work that is symbolic of the state of Punjab. This wonderful piece of clothing is created with splendid colours and complex embroidery. The word phulkari usually indicates a lightly embroidered headscarf, dupatta or shawl that is lovingly crafted by the women of Punjab. The colourful Phulkari dupatta of Punjab is famous in India and abroad. Inspired by its geometric floral designs we created our own PHULKARI TILE.

The third state, West Bengal has always been prominent in the field of art and culture, giving birth to a large number of modern movements in literature, painting, and theatre. The unique rustic and mystic charm of Bengal crafts are admired by art lovers all around the world. The Bindi pattern from the Made in India II range was inspired by the unique art style of the famous Bengali painter, Jamini Roy!

The fourth design is from Himachal Pradesh that is reminiscent of its spectacular mountains, snowy peaks, plugging river valleys and the century-old Buddhist monasteries. Monasteries in the state are a famous part of the history and culture of this region. The Made in India II range inspired by the Endless Knot represents the infinite wisdom, knowledge and compassion of the Buddha.

The fifth state that inspired our collection is Assam, which is a state in North Eastern India. In the west, Guwahati, Assam’s largest city, features silk bazaars. This silk is used in their traditional sarees known as Mekhela Chador. Mekhela chador is a traditional Assamese dress worn by women. These sarees have ornamental designs on them that are traditionally woven, never printed. Muga, Pat or Eri silks are used for making their traditional two pieces Assamese sarees known as Mekhela Chador. Inspired by these patterns, we created the “Mekhela” tile.

The sixth state that inspired our collection for the Made In India II collection is Nagaland. Through their crafts, women play an essential role in maintaining the heritage of the tribal society. Inspired by the Naga tribe’s Chang cloth used for their patterned shawls, and the harmony symbol used on the monasteries in this region we created the CHANG WEAVE.

The last state that inspired our design for the Made In India II collection is Arunachal Pradesh. The state of Arunachal Pradesh offers a variety of flora and fauna. For centuries, Arunachal has been the land of Buddhists and known for some of the largest Buddhist monasteries in India. Inspired by the Harmony symbols on the monasteries in Arunachal Pradesh we created the HARMONY tile.

Combining the forte of each characteristic of the states into designs that truly represents the culture of India, we created the Made In India II collection. Hope you all love it! 


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

A Journey of Creativity

“Design is thinking made visible” And Idea Spice, our design team has played an integral role in showcasing and enhancing the creativity that BFT has always been known for. Since 2013, our design agency has not failed to surprise us with tons of innovative and inspiring ideas. Idea Spice combines business strategy, design thinking, and most importantly, undying passion to create effective design solutions for us.

Idea Spice team is a houseful of multidisciplinary people, a firm that specializes in building Brand identity & Strategy, Corporate communication, Marketing communication, New media design, Environment & Experience Design. Based out of Dubai & Mumbai, they work with passionate clients across the globe.

Saurav Roy heading the Mumbai Office joined Idea Spice Dubai Team as the Creative Director in 2002. He is responsible for the creative work done in the studio and in building design systems and processes. He relocated to India in 2007 as a Director. Firdaus Variava our Vice-Chairman and Sajith Ansar, founder, and CEO of Idea Spice have a long-standing personal relationship which formed the basis for a successful professional alliance as well, starting with the complete re-branding of Bharat Floorings.
After they designed our brand collaterals, they started the process of transforming & reshaping us as a premium brand. They are responsible for our complete brand makeover, and that’s how from a company we became a BRAND.

BFT + is a collaboration between BFT and young designers. Idea Spice handled and incorporated the branding for BFT+, and tried to bring out the art that BFT is synonymous with. The basic aim was to create brand awareness.
Idea Spice also built a whole new identity for the BFT+ range that builds the current identity of the brand while also promoting the spirit of collaboration that this initiative brings. The initiative was designed across communication collaterals, exhibitions, and on ground events.
When we collaborated with them, they were in the process of getting their own office renovated. They were looking to design a space where creativity and innovation could flourish. The entrance, cafeteria and workspace walls at the Idea Spice office all have BFT tiles that give a fun and inspiring look to the entire office!

The designing of every activity we engage in is done by Idea Spice. We collaborated with Idea Spice in 2013, recently, we thought of doing something fun with the team. The BFT and Idea Spice Team came together at their studio for designing the Made In India Range. Each BFT employee teamed up with one designer at Idea Spice.
Each Team had to pick up a chit of a particular state, followed by some research on the state allotted to them. 
It was a 3-hour session, where everyone had to translate the inspirations to tile designs for the states allotted to them (eg: jewelry, script, clothing, culture etc).

This time, we traveled back to our roots and created a tile range inspired by our country’s diversity, heritage, cultures, and our art. Every state in India, every community in every direction of the country has its own idiosyncrasies, which is fascinating. Embodying this characteristic and keeping in mind the speciality of each state we have introduced the ‘MADE IN INDIA’ series. Whether it’s the Phulkari range from Punjab, or the majestic Jharokha from Rajasthan, the iconic Waves of Goa or the traditional Bindi from West Bengal, each state’s speciality has been entwined into the designs to stand for what India truly represents: UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

Idea Spice and BFT share a very affectionate relationship with each other. It’s an amazing experience working with the Idea Spice team; they never fail to delight us with their creativity and their hospitality. Hats off to the dedication of the team, no matter what it is they never stop providing their utmost services and we don’t think they have a word “NO” in their dictionary.

This sums up our journey with Idea Spice so far, and we can’t wait to create more magic along with their highly creative and innovative team!  

Thursday, 31 August 2017

When Tradition meets Design!!

As we welcome Lord Ganesha home, with chants and traditional drum beats, the holy being arrives at the place that would be his home for the next 11 days. It is then followed by ritualistic ceremonies performed to invoke the Lord’s presence in the idol. Offerings such as sweets, flowers, rice, etc are made to Lord Ganesha. Our celebrations would be incomplete without a serving of his favorite sweet, Modaks. These Indian dumplings are a special treat to Lord Ganesha and his devotees. 
A popular sweet in Maharashtra, Modak is a sweet steamed rice dumpling, traditionally made during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. They represent the zeal and enthusiasm most evident during any celebration of life. Markets are flooded with Ganeshji's favorite sweets and savories, especially Modaks.

With every passing day, you will see varieties of Modaks on display at sweet shops across the state; some traditional and some contemporary flavours reflecting the evolving palate of devotees every year. Modaks make an essential part of the prasad and bhog and are a must-have during this festival. 
This became an inspirational idea for designing the Modak pattern for the Made-In-India collection that represents the state of Maharashtra.

The name “Modak” means Delightful and so are the Modak patterned tiles by Bharat Floorings. Inspired by the festival, food, forms of sweets and the color palette of Maharashtra, the Modak patterned tiles from the Made-In-India range are reminiscent of Maharashtra’s rich culture and traditions. The MODAK range has been inspired by the drop-like shape of these sweets.  The illustrations used are curvy at the bottom and pointed at the edge, similar to the traditional form of the sweet.
Bharat Floorings has known for some of the most beautiful flooring designs and this collection is truly special.  It takes you back to your roots with inspiration derived from the country's diversity, heritage, cultures, and art!
Every Floor Tells a Story.

To see beautiful floors visit us at www.bharatfloorings.com

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Designer Speak: Zameer Basrai

We all wonder about the thought processes of designers and architects - how they always know what matches your mood and the setting, what works and what doesn’t, when a little is a lot, and basically everything that goes into translating your vision—and often your unstated or unrealized needs—into a design that works for you and your space.
We are back with another round of testimonial Q&A, this time with renowned interior designer and architect Zameer Basrai - Co-founder of The Busride Design Studio, who shares with us his background, projects, trends, his favorite BFT collection and more…

BFT: Kindly tell our readers about yourself and your work.
ZB: I’m Zameer Basrai, the co-founder of The Busride Design Studio. I’ve completed my Bachelor of Architecture degree from CEPT, Ahmedabad, India and graduated with a Smarchs degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
The Busride is an independent design studio specializing in the design and creation of built environments, both temporary and permanent. Our work spans across hospitality and entertainment venues, to Film and Production environments, and from exhibitions and installations to institutional environments. We are a small team of Architects, Interior, Graphic, Exhibition and Industrial designers, who work from the macro to the micro and across disciplines. 

BFT: How would you quote something for Creative WorkSpaces?
ZB: Creative workspaces are adaptive spaces. These spaces need to have flexible planning, open-ended organizations, technologies to enhance durability.
The office is probably the most standardized fit out for a design studio and the design of workspaces can be the most brain-numbing task for a design studio. Our idealized versions of work culture, productive environments, and collaborative, non-hierarchical, transparent organizations make for creative workspaces. It is the lack of vision or the overwhelming economies behind workspaces that make them banal.
BFT: What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
ZB: We have used the flooring in a small office for IDEO in Bandra, Mumbai. They required a space that could expand and contract at will, small spaces collapsed to form larger halls.  We used it to code the floor with the variously suggested sub-divisions in the space. It also gave IDEO, Mumbai a distinctly local flavor as an extension to their international presence and portfolio.     

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
ZB: Bharat flooring always seems to have a very similar reaction from everyone. Everyone loves it. 

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
ZB: New office spaces have a love-hate relationship with the old. New office spaces are committed to creating change in work culture, in work output; without compromising on tradition and ritual.  

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
ZB: Bharat floorings immediately transports me to a better time and place. Nostalgia is an overwhelming emotion. Bharat Floorings make me weak at the knees.  

BFT: Your personal favorite collection of tiles from BFT.
ZB: Origametes, because we designed it. :) 


 BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Designer Speak: Tejal Mathur

Tejal Mathur is a household name when it comes to chic and elegant interior designing. She started her design studio in 1998 and has garnered recognition and won multiple esteemed accolades. Her design studio is known as Tejal Mathur Designs, earlier Team Design. Credited with projects like the British Brewing Company, Pali Village Café and many other restaurants, cafes and even private residences, Tejal Mathur dominates the cards for those who have a fine taste for aesthetics. In this round of the testimonial Q and A, we bring you a conversation with the expert, Tejal Mathur.

BFT: What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
TM: Trilegal (Law Office), One India Bulls Centre, Tower One, Mumbai and many more.

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
TM: BFT is a go to place for enduring stunning floors and easy to use.

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
TM: We see standing work stations with touch screen tables that double up as writing boards. Informal but state of the art a personal library wall where books and ideas are exchanged, a video wall with plays apps for recreation.

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
TM: We choose BFT to achieve timelessness and handmade processes. We have mostly used them in all our projects. We know them before we started working with them and I think each and every person has stepped once on Bharat Floors.
BFT: Your personal favourite collection of tiles from BFT.
TM: Shibori Range by Studio Wodehouse as it is versatile. Japanese Line by Sian Pascale.
BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..
TM: Culturally Relevant.

The above conversation is from an interview during a past event on Creative Work Spaces. More interviews coming soon.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Designer Speak: Shilpa and Sameer Balvally

The third round of our testimonial Q and A brings you expertise from Shilpa and Sameer Balvally. It is something remarkable. It revolves around creative office spaces and was taken during an event at Rise – Mumbai, a co-working office space designed by the duo in collaboration with foreign architects and the client.

Shilpa and Sameer founded Studio Osmosis in January 2010. From big entrepreneur homes to the hippest of restaurants, commercial spaces and Hospitals, Studio Osmosis, in its 7 year journey, has transformed spaces with a knack for providing that X factor that makes them stand apart from the rest. Following is an extract from the said interview with Shilpa and Sameer Balvally.

BFT: Kindly tell our readers about yourself and your work.
SB: We founded Studio Osmosis with an aim to transform quality of lifestyle through the spaces we design, be it interior or architecture, the firm beautifully balances its youthful enthusiasm with experience gathered by working with clients all over the world. The Studio’s foundation is based on the genesis of the ‘Osmosis’ phenomenon by absorbing the individual needs of the client, working cohesively on the design and collaboratively arriving at a solution which is not only creative but also tangible and sustainable.

BFT: How would you quote something for Creative Work Spaces?
SB: “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” by Steve Jobs.
And “You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking.” by George Nelson.

BFT: What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
SB: At SJ contracts office Pune, we used it extensively to bring out the character and ethos. At Barclay's Rise coworking center in the heart of Mumbai  we collaborated along with Paul Croft Studio and Born Design as Designers and recommended bharat flooring. We've also used it at restaurants like Eddie's Bistro bandra and Pizza express as well as residences.

BFT: What made you choose BFT for Rise co-working space?
SB: We recommended BFT for RISE  to the client and the foreign designers as soon as we saw the original RISE global culture in other world cities. The Indian pioneer  needed a contemporary yet Indian touch with versatility, fun, colour and a unique character to the space and bharat flooring did exactly that.  It help create zones without boundaries. For the office, it resounded and augmented the company's logo and branding, construction industry  significance,  the working culture  and flow as well as ethos. 

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
SB: The feedback has been very positive. BFT patterns are loved and appreciated by all. BFT provides a variety of flooring options to choose from and also the possibility for customization as well as flexibility thus leaving a lot to designers’ imagination and creativity.

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
SB: Efficiency in planning, zoning and flexibility is the key to designing small office spaces.

BFT: How should be smaller offices with less space designed? 
SB: Offices with less space need to be planned well keeping in the client, his working culture and philosophy, work relationships as well as site constraints or opportunities in order to ensure optimum utilization of the space.

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
SB: ‘Make in India’ and contemporary Indian ethos is synonymous with Bharat flooring. The relation is one which always says- ‘Give me more ‘

BFT: Your personal favourite collection of tiles from BFT.
SB: Terrazzo tiles- very flexible and love the art deco feel that it has plus tile is as versatile as your imagination.

BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..
SB: ‘Versatile’

The above conversation is from an interview during a past event on Creative Work Spaces. More interviews coming soon.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Designer Speak: Richa Bahl

We bring you the second round of the testimonial Q and A, this time with Richa Bahl. Richa Bahl is a familiar name in the interior designing circuit, especially among the B-Towners.  She discovered her passion for interior designing when she started designing her own home.

Richa Bahl began her professional design studio from 2009 and since then it’s been exciting journey of design and more. Her choices and influences are based the various travels to different parts of the world and hence her love towards a fusion of bringing the old and new together. She has been featured in design magazines such as Elle decor and Inside Outside. Her clientele includes the likes of Anurag Kashyap, Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt.

BFT: How would you quote something for Creative Work Spaces?
RB: "A good looking work space is motivation enough to go work every day”

BFT: What office spaces have you done using Bharat floorings?
RB: Phantom Films. I wanted to use the range of tiles from Bharat Floorings which are not traditional looking but have a modern yet look vintage feel. Since it’s a creative space the tile patterns I chose were more 3D looking and add the element of fun as well. The flooring pattern takes you to another zone. The different floorings have been used on the two different floors.

BFT: What kind of feedback have you received regarding the flooring from your friends and family?
RB: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The employees love the flooring and enjoy using the space. They have observed the details of the floor, they like the different patterns and it gives them a great sense of pride to be part of the space.

BFT: What trends do you see in office spaces?
RB: More community spaces within the offices where people can interact and exchange ideas. Typical cubicle style seating is going away. 

BFT: How should be smaller offices with less space designed?
RB: Open seating plan for all levels of employees, more use of natural light and less reliance on artificial light.

BFT: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Bharat Floorings, and how is your relationship with the brand?
RB: I love using Bharat Floorings. It gives me a sense of connection to old India, growing up year’s nostalgia. It gives me the ability to choose from traditional to modern. I can choose for my different themes/projects.

BFT: Your personal favourite collection of tiles from BFT.
RB: I love using different patterns for different projects, but I am very fond of In-situ collection and BFT range of colours and their Heritage™ tiles collection.

BFT: One word to describe Bharat Floorings would be…..
RB: Nostalgic.

The above conversation is from an interview during a past event on Creative Work Spaces. More interviews coming soon.